UNDERGROUND MADNESS (jack | firefox | ardour | drumkv1 | helm | lush life | calf | wine-river theme)

That was a fun live Ardour performance :slight_smile: You seem to know your way around Ardour very well. And yes the theme is much nicer that Ardours current default theme :slight_smile:

I like your WINE-River theme a lot. I think that it’s your best so far! My tired old eyes had troubles with some of the letters and colors of your other themes. The only thing that I’d change in this theme is the stark white on black in the Editor track view. Maybe Charcoal Grey instead of Black? Less tiring for my eyes! Keep up the GREAT work!!

Thanks, friends! :slight_smile:

@mhartzel: I suppose the default “dark” Ardour’s theme has a long history and many users have already a habit (don’t know). If Paul will be interested of it - this could be gratefully to me:) But anyway I’ve made it to myself and if it could become a next new theme near the others - super (more then I expect)!

@Hedgehog: When I decided to make this theme, the first time I was looking about Carla (falkTX) dark design. Also especially a WINE-river idea came to me from Carla’s acid night underground colors. As I know, Ardour was made (from the beginning) as a program for recording live instruments and vocals, so my experiments are dragging the direction to electronic :slight_smile: It’s just a game… Every DAW goes to one common functionality of all DAWs from different sides I think:)
About reducing the black value: when we loose some contrast - we loose some madness :slight_smile: But I think you’re right - much contrast is too hard for eyes (…as much madness for brain). That’s why I’ve corrected the theme and called it “new-dark”:


I didn’t erase an original wine_river_theme and it has the same link as before:


(just a note here: put the file “my-dark-ardour.colors” in .config/ardour5 folder, start Ardour. The “dark” color theme in ‘Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Colors>Color Theme’ must be chosen)

Also, if you have any idea about cooltehno’s themes - welcome - write! I’d like to discuss with pleasure and make it more optimized for different people.

Hi, again!

I’d already fixed the track view contrast to my liking but thank you.

There’s one visual thing that I’ve never liked about Ardour and that’s the Green lettering against the Black in the top bar. I seem to remember a discussion about this between you and Paul about you wanting to change it and the fact that it couldn’t be changed.

All I can say is that, if it has to be Green against Black, then the contrast needs to be greater. It’s not easy for me to read. More Yellow in the Green would do the trick! :smiley: