undelete-able automation point

There’s a gain automation point out at about 12:27 in my project. This messes up all the automation I put in earlier because there’s a slow volume increase up to that point.

I want to delete it, but if I select it and hit the x> key, it’s still there.

How do I do this? Is there an event list editor?

Also, I’ve been fighting with a quick drop in volume for one section where the lower endpoint keeps disappearing for no apparent reason. I put it in, it looks good, then go do some other stuff, and poof, it’s gone.

Is it just a bad idea to create automation curves by hand? That’s my preferred way to do it (more control, I feel).

Finally found it - somehow a point got inserted at 22’ ??? even though the sequence end at the time was 14’. No idea how that could have happened.

hello dewdropworld
you said:

“I want to delete it, but if I select it and hit the x> key, it’s still there.”

in Draw Gain Automation, “shift + mouse right click” work well for me
Ardour 2.8 on MAC PPC

Indeed, thanks for the tip. Now I have the desired point at -6 dB, after which it slowly rises to 1.2dB by sequence end - and there is no visible control point for the higher level.

Here’s what I want:

  • at 10:00:00, level is -6 dB and it holds steady at that point;
  • after adding another control point later than 10’, the level beyond that point should stay at the same level (this means it is not a good solution to add a -6 dB point at the end).

That would seem rather intuitive, but it isn’t behaving this way. Other ideas?