unable to record from microphone on MacBook

Hey everyone,

I just installed the newest version of Ardour (2.8.12) my MacBook and am having trouble getting sound recorded to a track from my laptop’s input. I’m assuming there is some basic configuration step I’m missing, but here’s what I have going on:

  1. Master is set to receive from Audio track 1.

  2. Audio track 1 is set to receive audio from the system input.

  3. When the track is armed to record, I can hear the input from the microphone.

  4. When I start recording, the sound turns off and nothing is recorded to the track, even though the levels still indicate it’s listening to the mic.

Any suggestions? Let me know what other information I can provide to help troubleshoot. Thanks for the help!


How do you start your project session?
Ardour gives you a “preset” automatic conections with ins and outs.

What mic u use. Internal, or some “real mic”?
What is your audio i/o device?

So if you record from mic into input 1 and your track is routed to master out,
speakers cause a feedback.

See that routing (try to mute that input track or pull down fader during recording)

Did you record arm the session?


Yes, both the session and the track are armed to record. When I hit play to start recording the sound from the microphone shuts off and no sound is shown being recorded to the track.