Unable to record even second track in Uubuntu 11.10


I was trying to record audio track in Ardour, but it stopped again & again with
the error of no space available to save the data. Can anybody please
help how to increase the space to save recording data?


The recording space is set depending of where you are working with your sessions and where they are saved at. Are you sure you still have enough space available wherever your session(s) are at? Please provide more info on space on all your hard drive partitions you have and where and how you are saving your sessions. Also, are you using any kind of removable media?

Thanks to your reply. I’m using Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop 3.2 GHz with 2GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive having dual booting with Windows XP & Ubuntu 11.10 (Linux). I was trying to save the data on desktop. I don’t have partition on hard drive.

You mean you are using Ubuntu through Wubi?


PS Deleted your duplicate thread. You get better responses if you keep to one thread.