Unable to pay with paypal

First of all, I must say that I’m really grateful for this excellent piece of software. It’s really helping me down here like you wouldn’t even understand. I’m a Linux user in Nigeria and a few hours from now I’ll be trying to install Ardour on an iMac in a studio I’m going to work at and I’m trying to renew my subscription because it failed quite some time ago.

Concerning the current issue, Paypal has been saying this to me for weeks,

“Sorry, we weren’t able to authorize your card. Please choose another way to pay.”

So I thought maybe there’s a problem with that card or something. I just added a different card to my account and I’m getting the same error. Any tips?

Talk to your bank…

I found that my American Express cards aren’t working. but my MasterCards are working.
History I’ve have as expat in Nigerian, I’ll perhaps try a VISA and MasterCArd to see which card (from which bank) works as I had fun times and I actually had multiple VISA and MAsterCards with me as I had cases my one bank isn’t “available”, but the other was at a specific ATM


My first card is VISA, the other is MasterCard and both failed. I guess I’ll have to go to the bank.

Thank you.

Well, Paypal hadn’t worked since then, bank was of little to no help, and I tried to subscribe again a few minutes ago and it just worked. So… okay.

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