unable to open project

So I updated to 2.0.3 yesterday and was working fine on my MAC 10.4.9 duo core 2.4 Ghz. Today I went to open the same project and Ardour crashes while trying to open to project. I have noticed (as did FireFly) that my computer is maxing out while trying to run 16 tracks, 4 of which have 2 pluggins each. I am able to open other projects and they run fine, it is just the one that is larger that is the problem. Infact, Ardour seems to enjoy crashing every hour or so. At this point I would just enjoy being able to reopen my project so that I can export all of the tracks, any ideas on how to open my project?

Seems like your best option might be to simply navigate to the project folder, then into the interchange folder - in there should be a folder with your project name that has all of your sound files (sans plugin alteration, of course).

Grab 1 or 2 and start a new project, adding your plugins and doing your editing individually and export them right away.

You’re really going to tax any DAW with that many tracks, plugins, etc.

Be aware also, that my experience is that the plugins tend to be the cause of most instability within Ardour. The program itself is surprisingly robust – the plugins however, seem to add a certain amount of instability.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the idea. I was hoping to avoid this as it is an acousmatic piece that uses about 70 or so different sounds and the all matter of truncations. That being said, my goal is to figure out how to disable the plugins and open the session so that I can export the individual tracks (as you suggest) then work out the panning, and processing seperately. I did get some feedback on how to delete the plugins in a different thread, problem is that I am not much for text editing so “delete XML nodes” doesn’t mean much to me yet. I slowly trying to figure out how to disable the plugins by trying little changes, one at a time. Idealy I would just delete them and then go from there, but I am not sure which portions of text to delete as of yet. I appreciate the ideas.