Unable to move/insert region

I’m using Ardor 2.8.6 on Linux.

I have 2 sessions that are experiencing the same symptom. If I try to insert a region (duplicate, paste) it moves all the regions of the track rather than just letting me insert and move the region on its own. Also, if I try to move a region it moves all the other regions on the same track. It is as if they are still connected even though the track is made up of several regions. All the tracks in this session have the same problem. Is there some sort of “lock region” function that I may have accidentally enabled? As mentioned, I have this on 2 sessions but all the others are ok.

boozin: you’ve ended up in “splice” edit mode, which doesn’t work all that well, and certainly isn’t what you want. This is probably caused by you having hit the “1” key accidentally, which changes the edit mode between “slide” (what you want), “splice” and “lock” (in which you can’t move anything at all.

Hi boozin,

not sure, but have a look at the upper left corner. You can set slide/splice/lock edit mode there. Slide is the normal mode, splice is not recommended at all, lock mode is helpful when you want to make sure you don’t unintentionally move regions. So slide mode is what you want.


Edit: ah, I need to type faster and stop eating while writing messages - Paul was faster :wink:

Make sure you are NOT in “Splice Edit” mode which is the pulldown menu near the top-left under the shuttle speed controller.