Unable to map cc-7

hi I have a keyboard instrument that works well except I cannot use its fader for cc-7.

kmidimon shows it is sending cc for volume change on the same port I send note keys.

^ So if I try to set that midi port to here,

^ If I select that Midi 1 port, I can be able to do the following,


It’s a level fader and it’s not a fancy instrument…

I tried tweaking around with another mcp/newfile.device but I don’t think it is headed in the right direction for my case.

All the other controller parts work as it is only this one I don’t know how to apply without breaking sending notes…

Is there a workaround for this?

looking at the midi scan again with kmidimon, it sends the channel# as well, … I’m kind of new to midi things and I think I can see why mapping it to the master volume would be wrong, but I can’t map it to a track’s fader either.