Unable to hear output from LSP Multisampler plugins

hi, I’m really struggling to get any of the Multi Sampler plugins to work, I think I must have some basic thing wrong, but I can’t see what it is.

My setup: Ubuntu studio 20.02, Ardour 6.9, 16 pad MIDI tablet Akai MPD218, Focusrite 2i4.

If I use the general midi synth plugin, all seems fine. I can record from the tablet pads and the resulting audio comes through the 2i4 fine.

However with the multi samplers, I don’t get any audio. The level indicator in the mixer item and the track itself is responding to pad presses, and these get recorded. The the two thin level indicators next to the MIDI one are dead. If I look at tracks and busses, I can see the multi sampler output is connected to Master In. The only connection I’ve altered myself is to link MPD218 input to the track. When I’m in the plugin and load a sample into a note, it sounds fine when clicking the buttons in the plugin.

I can see there’s an issue with octaves but I’ve tried to work around that. I’m not sure how to arrange the samples - I’ve been incrementing the sample number and instrument number with each successive sample load. Is that correct?

Any tips to help get this working nicely will be much appreciated. Thanks.

I found a post where the lack of audio was down to the sampler outputs not being connected, but that’s not the case for me - here are the connections:

Here’s the sampler itself for what it’s worth:

I also saw a post somewhere suggesting re-naming the project might cause problems, but I haven’t used the “save as” function.

So still stuck ! :neutral_face:

You said that the the plugin sounded when triggered from within the plugin setup window, so that indicates there is not a lack of audio, there is a lack of MIDI input to the plugin.
How is the MPD128 configured? The channel and note assigned to a pad has to match the channel and note assigned to a sample in the LSP sampler plugin.

Thanks Chris / @ccaudle , I’m now a lot further forward thanks to your post. Very embarrassing… I didn’t check the channel number! Notes will play clicking the track’s keyboard regardless of channel and I overlooked this. It’s now good using ch10.

I must explore more, I’m wondering what role the Instrument number plays because the only identifying items with an incoming note are channel and note number. If I put 2 samples on the same note but with different instru nos and different sample nos then they both play.

Thanks again.

That should just be housekeeping for the plugin, so you have a way to keep track of what sample is assigned to what channel/note.

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