Unable to Export Video

I am unable to Export my video and it starts but it gets stuck on Encoding video then it does not shows any progress and I tested it for more than 10 times and I also waited for 2hrs each to see what happens but nothing happens

Version of Ardour? Obtained from where?

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Ardour version 6.5 from Official Website (Subscription)

Which audio/MIDI backend do you use?

Jack 2 (cadence) Jack 2.

I would recommend restarting it and trying it with the ALSA backend. There have been a number of reports of Jack2 on several distros causing issues like this.

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Thank you sir I have solved by Log out and Log in . It’s been great time talking to you sir and I have a doubt when will Ardour 7 can we expect seperate windows for midi sequences .

Glad that things are working better for you.

Absolutely not.


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