Unable to disable varispeed

When you activate varispeed with jack there is no way to deactivate it or change the speed.

Ardour 7.4.0

Can you elaborate? JACK does not have varispeed support, do you mean freewheeling?

I’m driving Musescore 3.6.2 with Ardour via Jack.
First I activate VS, for example -2 semitones. Then I activate the sync Jack. It synchronizes Musescore well at VS speed, but after that no way to disable VS or change the speed.

I have to restart Ardour to disable VS !

Since JACK transport cannot varispeed, this is odd. I suppose you could sync using MIDI clock or MIDI Transport Control (which can varispeed).

That sounds like a bug. Varispeed should be disabled when engaging JACK transport (without the possibility to enable it).

I don’t know how to sync using MIDI clock.

How can I synchronize Musescore with Ardour with the possibility of using VariSpeed and knowing that I only have audio tracks in Ardour (no Midi track)?

It would be best if you describe what you are using the term VariSpeed to mean. In audio terminology that means playing back the audio faster or slower, which will cause the pitch of the audio to change. The term originated in the tape era where it meant you could vary the linear speed of the tape movement.
Since you are talking about a sequencer application is varispeed really what you mean, or do you want to vary musical tempo of the MIDI playback?

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