Unable to create port error (again)

I don’t expect an answer here, I’m just seeing if anyone else is having this problem. I’m running Ardour 5.1.2 on a Dell computer, using Ubuntu Studio 19.10 as the OS. I can open and close two or three projects with no difficulty. However, at some point, I will get an Unable to create port error. I saw exactly the same behavior using this version of Ardour on Ubuntu Studio 18.04, running on a 2011 iMac and a 2010 MacPro. I even saw the same behavior running Ardour in Manjaro linux.

Something I thought may be an issue is that I usually run Ardour on projects that are on non-home drives, both internal and external. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Could the fact that the projects are not in the home directory be causing a problem? I do not see this behavior while running Ardour on projects in the home directory of a virtual machine.

I’ve seen Ardour 5 (on Linux) begin to misbehave after opening a couple of projects and doing some editing. Something strange seems to always happen when opening and closing many projects in a row. The workaround is to always quit Ardour before opening a new project, then it never misbehaves.

I guess Ardour fails to reset its internal state completely when closing one and opening another project. I haven’t made a bug report for this since I couldn’t bother trying to find out how to reproduce it, after all the workaround is quite simple.

Please tell me that was supposed to be 5.12?

Are you using Jack by chance?



Thanks. I thought I was the only one.

I mis-typed. It is Ardour 5.12, the latest release. I am not using Jack, though it is installed on my computer. I am using Alsa, mostly.

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