Unable to configure mic and headphones - Only 1 of either!

New Ardour running on Linux Mint. I use a USB microphone and headphone for podcasts, music production etc.

However I can not configure to have both mic input and headphone input!

Screenshot from 2020-10-27 15-21-06

Any ideas? I am using ALSA in Linux and Ardour 5.12.0

It seems you are trying to connect two different devices at the same time? Your USB microphone only has an input. Likewise your headphones only have an output and no input.

I think JACK audio system might be able to support your aggregate audio situation but, honestly, I’d be looking at a budget USB interface if I were you (UMC204HD or similar) and sticking with ALSA. Also, you might look at downloading version 6.3 direct from ardour.org as this will ensure you get the best possible support from the developers.

Thanks - early Christmas present to myself, then!

Sure! Just remember you’d also need a regular XLR microphone (maybe something like an AT2020) and 1/4 inch jack headphones (ATH-M30x or higher, or my personal favorites the Sony MDR 7506). Apologies if this is obvious information but I’d rather spell it out :wink:

You need Ardour 6 in order to configure different I/Os with Ardour/ALSA (Ardour 5.x only supported one device at a time).

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