unable to add a track or bus ?

Hi there,

recently I update (on Debian5.02 32bit with Jack 0.118 using a M-Audio 2496) to the latest Ardour 2 downloaded here on the site.

I meet a problem never seen before : when try to add a track, or bus, Ardour says “unable to add a track, no more vaccant port in Jack, please try to restart Jack and reconnect Ardour”. Is Ardour no more “unlimited tracks and bus”

If unconnect a track, it can create a new, but it seems like it will be difficult to mix this way :slight_smile:

Have search a little while but can’t find anything.

Please, somebody have an idea ??

Hi stratojaune,

no, it’s not Ardour’s fault, it’s just the standard port number of jackd. Start jackd with -p512 or -p1024 (directly after the -R (realtime) option, not after the -r (resolution) command). I think the standard is 256, which can be little if you have about 50 tracks with a lot of connections.

You can also configure this via qjackctl.


it seems that you have reached the maximum number of ports defined in jack. if you are using qjackctl, go to ‘configuration’ and change the value to some larger number. if starting jack from command line, the flag for the number of ports is ‘-p’.


Thank you men for the replies !

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