Unable to access /media drives when importing

I have Linux installed on its own SSD, and project files on a separate HDD which is shared by Windows. This other drive is read-write mounted, but I can’t even access the /media folder to find it when importing. Is that normal?

Linux Mint 21.2
Ardour 8.1 (via Flathub)

My guess is that it is related to using flatpak/ flathub. I am not familiar with flatpack, but most containerized apps have permission issues. That may be causing you not to see the mounted drives.

The official binary download from the ardour.org website will likely work fine.

NTFS or FAT32? The Ardour project files need a case preserving file system, so NTFS would work, but FAT32 will often cause problems.

I expect flatpak is the issue.
flatpak sandboxes applications and prevents them from accessing system resources.

There is nothing we can do here, we (Ardour devs) recommend against using the flakpak version, which also has issue with system-wide installed plugins and 3rd party plugins.

I suggest you contact flathub packagers about the issue.

Install Flatseal to manage permission of flatpack app.
I don’t use flatpack but this should help…

Thank you for the replies. I’ll try installing another way.

FWIW, given the choice on a system dedicated to recording / mixing audio (or sampled MIDI instruments), I would prioritize having the media on an SSD, over having the O/S on an SSD: optimizing reads from / writes to the media drive will likely make your Ardour experience happier.

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