UI: MIDI values change for wrong note


Many times now I’ve thought I was editing the velocity value of one note but Ardour has edited a completely different note. When I hover over a note and drag (2-finger drag on the OS X trackpad), I’m given the impression that the note I’m hovering over is being edited. In reality, it’s whichever note I last clicked that’s highlighted in red, which is often outside the display area altogether, so I can’t see the red-highlighted note and therefore have no reason to believe another note is being edited.

I understand (now) that this is just the way the UI works, but this has happened to me so many times in using Ardour that I think it’s worth mentioning that this behavior is entirely counterintuitive. The counterintuitive behavior is all the more so because hovering over a note shows the MIDI info including velocity for that note. Then, when I do a 2-finger drag on the trackpad, I think I’m editing that note.

May I suggest a small revision to the UI such that if one hovers over a note and drags, then that note is automatically selected and edited?

I realize I should know by now how this works, but it trips me up every time I use the program (I’m not a daily or power user). I also realize that this behavior may only be counterintuitive when using a trackpad on OS X; maybe with a mouse it’s different.

Many thanks for considering this suggestion and for such outstanding software.

Kind regards,


P.S. I just submitted this, went back to Ardour and it happened to me yet again! Maybe I’m in the minority, but somehow this behavior is completely counterintuitive to me.