(ubuntu studio) Ardour shows guitarix as plugin, I added this plugin to my track, but it does not work?

I just installed Ubuntu studio which comes with a lot of stuff a was not aware of such as guitarix.
I Downloaded Ardour and try to test some vst plugins . They work as expected, but if I use guitarix it wont work.
for example I added guitarix plugins to my current armed track this is how my screen looks:

but I can not hear my guitar. my guitar sounds fine if I just use alsa and my interface, but I was just curious about guitarix. What do you need to use it as a plugin in ardour.

NOTE: I also tried another tottally different way to use guitarix in ardour as a plugin using cadence,and carla-rackFX, but I never figured out how to add carla-rackfx as a vst in ardour. :frowning: could anyone give me a hint ?

thanks all.

If you are using Cadence/JACK you can connect the output channel of guitarix to any audio track in ardour.
In the image I am using Carla, but patchage is great too.

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The problem with that is the settings won’t be saved with the Ardour session.
Also you’ll record the guitar wet, not allowing for later changes.

Any reason why you have added the FX to the master-bus and not the guitar track?
You’ve added a mono effect to the stereo-output main output-bus. I suggest you add those effects to the track itself:

Then also check if the track is monitoring Input: The “In” or “Disk” button on the Mixer-strip affect what you hear

Compare to:


Oh WOW . so it was that easy :open_mouth: thank you very much (I spend so much time trying to figure out other ways , it turns out ubuntu studio had all I needed) it was just a matter of installing Ardour and configuring it). Nice!

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