Ubuntu studio 8.04 how do i configure this to record anything?

Hi everyone

I recently installed ubuntu studio in my laptop cuz i tried to install ardour on my gutsy gibon but it was just to complicated for my lil brain, im a linux newbie, and audio edtion is the only thing that got me attached to windows, where i use adobe audition and cool edit pro before that blah blah blah …
My problem is i dont get any signal from my mic input i did enable recording for the track but nothing happens T_T can anyone tell me whats wrong ? i hear the microphone on the speakers ,so im sure its not a mic issue. Please help me T_T i want to kick windows out of my drive

For a good cause like that I’ll help anytime :slight_smile:

Did you check if your microphone is attached to the track you selected for recording? Check this in the mixer window: in the mixer-strip of the track you want to use, click on the ‘input’ button, and select ‘edit’. In the window that pops up, you can select the inputs that you want to attach to the track. The mic-capture from the soundcard is listed under a tab that is (probably) called ‘System’.

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ah yes, as noted here http://ardour.org/node/1766 , you also need to make sure in your volume control (gnome-volume-control, or alsamixer) that the mic is selected as the capture-source and that the recording level turned up. That you hear the mic on the speakers doesn’t imply that it is selected for capture.