Ubuntu, Ardour and TRUST 514DX 5.1 Sound Expert Optical

Hi everybody,

I plan to install Ubuntu and Ardour in a PC with the soundcard 514DX 5.1 Sound Expert Optical from TRUST. I want to know if it was possible to map the optical in of the soundcard with jack to record with ardour.

In the optical in I will plug my effect unit.

Thanks to all.

This looks like a very questionable audio interface to be using if you care about recording. First of all, it is not clear that any Linux driver for this device even exists (it may do - its just not clear). Secondly, this looks like a device aimed at game players, not people making music by recording instruments and so forth.

If a driver exists and the device is reasonably well designed, it will work with JACK. Whether all the input connectors are available while using any and all of the output connectors - no way to tell from the online information I can find. I suggest you do yourself a favor and get a decent music-oriented interface like an M-Audio Delta 44, Delta 66 or Delta 1010 (if you want more channels).

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