Ubuntu 7.04: Delta1010 audio no longer appears in Jack after update

The update manager popped up yesterday with a list of miscellaneous updates which I decided to install, as usual. Apparently one of those updates involved the linux lowlatency 2.6 thing (can’t remember the exact name)…anyway, now that package will not download from synaptic anymore, and apparently that was the driver that made my delta 1010’s audio ins and outs work, because now I can’t get them. I can get the midi ins and outs, but no audio; ardour can’t seem to find them, and also tells me that that package is missing. How can I fix this? I didn’t do anything except update my machine…


Fixed it! Turns out that I did mess it up when I moved the PCI card down one slot when I installed a new video card in the AGP slot above it. The device changed from hw1 to hw2, but the jack settings didn’t reflect that. I changed that, and all is well now.