Ubuntu 18.04 ardour 5.12-3 midi monitoring

Hoy !
I’m having issues monitoring my midi keyboard since I’ve updated to ubuntu 18.04 (so ardour 5.12)

my tracks have my usb keyboard has both input and output, each of them has a different output channel

example with track violin with output channel 3
when playing or recording with the keyboard the monitoring is always to channel 1 no matter what I do. After playing, listening to the recording is ok, the recording is played on channel 3.
So is there something to do to fix the monitoring ?


Well I guess that the “Force all to one channel” doesn’t work on playback

Easier to discuss this on IRC. Round trip time is too slow on a web forum. Lots of questions …

yes of course, as I’ve said playing the recording of this track works (on channel 3) only playback doesn’t, and it does when I’m on the patch selector window

I don’t know of any way that Ardour could do that unless you told it to. Did you experiment with changing the track output settings and possibly told it to play everything on channel 3?