UAD plugin will not load. Shows as expired when it's not

Several of my UAD 2 plugins pop up as expired when I try to load them in Ardour 6.6. Same thing in Mixbus 6 and 7. I’ve reinstalled everything from UAD, to a complete system reinstall. Same results. These are plugins I have purchased and that work fine in other DAWs. Running a 2018 Mac MINI 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7 6 core with OS-X 10.14.6. Latest updates. All other UAD 2 plugs work fine.

Are you using the VST or Audio Unit (AU) versions?

There’s been some prior report that AU work, but VST have issues, but I do not know the details.

I’ve been using AU’s but I’ll try the VST’s and see what happens. That’s interesting, I wonder if its an authorisation bug from UA? Seems unlikely as they work in Digital Performer 10 and a couple other DAW’s.

What does “pop up as expired” mean?

Interesting. We have only seen this for VST2 plugins (but not AU).

It is a GUI resize issue. The bottom part (preset-bar) and off-screen-bitmaps take up the whole GUI. You’re only supposed to see the “top” part of your screenshot(but at the bottom).

Compare this to a properly sized UI:


It may or may not be something we can fix (without breaking other plugins). The likely cause of this is sizing all subviews to identical sizes (this was needed to fix Reason Rack Plug resizing correctly)

So please help me understand why this is happening if thats possible in simple terms LOL. From my end I’m seeing the window I posted above when I try to open certain UA plugins. The confusing part for me to understand is why that same plugin from Plugin Alliance loads and works just fine? For instance, two that I’m particularly fond of, the Ampeg B-15, and the Shadow Hills compressor. Both a no go from UA, but runs fine from PA. They are all 4 AU based from my understanding. Also, why would it “break” other plugs to get these working? All 4 of these plugins and others from UA that wont open in Ardour and MixBus, run fine in every other DAW I’ve tried them in. Needless to say I really don’t want to buy the Plugin Alliance version just so I can use it in Ardour or MixBus no matter how much I like those two DAW’s.

This should be fixed since Ardour 6.6-359.

tested and confirmed

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What was “tested and confirmed?” That the plugins I mentioned do, or do not work?

Sorry. That UAD plugins now work. I had the exact same issue with the Fairchild 670, which is working fine now. Didn’t try any others.

No Problem. The Fairchild 670 opens fine as an AU but wont open as a VST. Neither AU or VST work in the 2 plugins I mentioned above and they are just a couple examples that are broken.

Did you upgrade to Ardour 6.6-359 (or later)?


Thanks for checking!

OK! It does look to be fixed now. I forgot about checking in the nightly builds page. Downloaded 6.6.371 and it’s all good or at least, what I had time to fool with.


Will this fix be coming to Mixbus soon. I’ve got a bunch of stuff I still need to finish.

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