U-HE goes Linux

fantabulous indeed, this is very good news for the Linux-audio community (even if many here maybe don’t know anything about U-He…yet).
First out: freebie synth Podolski (at the moment only 64 bit, I hope 32 bit will come along for us in the AVL department (or AVL64, Gmaq :wink: ) :



Some goodies for public beta testing:


I installed ACE but it wouldn’t show up in Ardour until I copied the link in /home.craig/.vst to /lib/vst.

debian Wheezy… glib 2.15 required, but not found… aarg why

It is a beta test…
I guess that all the how and why’s …and aargs :slight_smile: is what the U-HE dev’s want to discuss in their forum.

a little update: just installed all the linux betas and tried zebra , bazille, satin, and they all seems to work pretty well and stable for a beta release, great!!!