Tyrell shown as a plugin

Hey all,

I was trying to install tyrell N6 yesterday evening - and I was only half successful.

Used the install script, restarted ardour and: The synth was only visible in plugins manager and could not be added as a synth in it’s own track.

What am I doing wrong?


Works fine with AV Linux 2017.4.9, Ardour 5.11.4, TyrellN6-3898

TyrellN6 was downloaded from here (Linux version):

Unpacked file: TyrellN6_V303_Linux.tar.gz

The file “install.sh” (from unpacked folder) installed plugin to:


After scanning this folders Ardour found plugins well. Loads to midi track and works perfect.

One blank functionality I’ve found: when I click the right mouse button in plugin’s area - there are no any pop-up menus (to resize plugin’s view, to learn midi, to visit u-he.com). I’ve checked it in Tracktion6 (Linux) - these things work. But, the main thing, automation tracks works fine in Ardour to any Tyrell’s parameter. To store self-made presets - a general Ardour’s preset system works.

Found it!

I’ve got to add an Audio + Midi track and then add Tyrell - then it works.
Thank you for your support cooltehno.

Nice. ) Does midi-learn function work in you case?