Two tutorials on sidechaining and tips and tricks using Ardour by me


With finishing my latest project, I’ve been thinking about writing a series of tutorials on making music in Ardour. In the last couple of days, I wrote two tutorials to kick it off which I’ve put on my website ( The first one is about sidechaining (which turned out to be a way more “newbie in ardour”-tutorial than I thought, but hopefully someone can make use of it!), and the second one is about some tips and tricks of using Ardour I want to share (which in turn turned out to be slightly more advanced than planned), in case someone can make use of it.

(I’ve also linked to other tutorials I like in the community, a section I can hopefully extend as I find more tutorials.)

Anyway, let me know what you think, what’s understandable and not, what’s helpful and not etc! Thanks!

Very cool. Thanks for the link. Noobies like me appreciate this greatly.

Yes never to old to learn things a other way sometimes better .

It is ,it`s stupid people do not update there links


There is a bug in the software of this forum which prevents people from editing their posts, that is why the address was not updated yet… not stupidity :slight_smile:

You could post a update. Ok not stupidity them, but laziness

I see no tutorials at

Thank you Leatuspenguin