Two techno / dance pieces

I had to create some background music for a game compilation video, so I ended up making these two techno / dance pieces. Used synths/effects: TAL Sampler, Zebra2, Satin, Tal Reverb 3 and many more.

This one sounds like it comes from shitty tape because I like the aesthetic:

This one sounds like it was inspired by the Hotline Miami soundtrack, but that is in fact a coincidence :smiley:


I made a music video in Blender for Rekno as well:

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good sequence & mode ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @speak !

How are you?

I mostly prefer the 2nd track ,clearly !

More bouncy, better sound balance , well done !

Hey thanks for asking, Iā€™m hanging in there mate! How about yourself?

And thanks for checking the tunes and commeting! :))

Well my baby is 2monthes old, i fired up ardour 3 times since july of 2020 :smiley:

Everything is allright so , except i would live to make dub again :wink: