two recent tracks - take2 - "the weirder side of dance music influenced"

Second time I am posting this, the first topic was deleted due to a spammer replying :frowning:

flash96@44 - a slow laid back sci-fi inspired piece >>

drbtquadbike - a faster track with harder drums >>

Comments appreciated, spam not.

Hmm odd, Ill check with Paul, I am getting sneaking suspicions the script being used to deal with spammers is being a little overzealous.


Great stuff, I like it a lot. drbtquadbike really got to me, it’s the kind of thing I wish I could write. Both pieces come off well, I just prefer quadbike. Flash96 is good too, reminds me of some of Richard James’s more experimental pieces.

Thanks for sharing. It was my Sunday morning wake-up music. :slight_smile: