Two questions....

Hi all, just two things that I’m kind of having some issues with:

First I noticed that the clocks don’t run while in playback mode, no matter what I select, like timecode, bars and beats, etc. Only when I stop the project then it shows me the current time position where the marker is located at. I already filed a bug for this one, but I thought also posting here, probably just something I disabled that I can’t find out how or where…

And the other thing is that I purchased a small USB M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2 keyboard and Midi Controller, I can perfectly set the buttons and dials without problem, except for the back and forward buttons, they just don’t seem to do anything, although when I press them I can see my Fast Track Pro receiving the MIDI Messages from those two buttons, how can I make them work under Ardour? For the rest like play, stop, record, and loop I have no issues, I can even use the Pitch Bend as the Shuttle, but it only responds for backward functionality, no forwardig…

Thanks and Happy New Year… Hope this is a successful year for all of you.

for #2, start ardour in a terminal window, enable tracing of the relevant port input, and report back on what gets printed in the terminal window as you press those buttons. Tracing is in the preferences window under the MIDI tab.

Hi Paul:

Ok first of all I figured out what was going on with the clocks not running, this happens only when I assign the Shuttle/Speed to my Oxygen Pitch Bend, that kind of breaks the clocks running while in playback, so I’ll post that info on the tracker in a few minutes.

For #2

The corresponding messages in terminal are:

For the Back Button: control input: Channel 1 Controller 21 Value 127
For the Forward Button: control input: Channel 1 Controller 22 Value 127

The messages for play and stop look a little different, they are something like this:

control output: System Exclusive (6) = [ f0 7f 7f 6 1 f7 ]

(Don’t know if that has anything to do)

Thanks Paul, I’ll keep testing and see while I wait for further instructions…