Two problems

Hi there,

I recently installed Ardour (on a Fedora-based Linux box) but when I tried to run it I got:

Ardour could not connect to Jack.
Possible reason:

  1. Jack is not running
  2. Jack is running as another user, perhaps root.
  3. There is already another client called “audour”.

When I log in as root, Ardour will run. So how do I stop Jack running as root when I am logged in as another user?

The second problem is that the Ardour interface when it starts is far too big for my monitor. Trying to set it to full screen doesn’t work - it just locks it in place.

Any help on these issues would be very gratefully received.

How do you know jack is even running?

Try “ps -elH | grep jackd” to see if it is running, and under what user id.

Also, jackd may be set to not allow normal users to run it. Check the modes for it and make sure normal users are allowed to run it. (BTW, it sounds like you need to install qjackctl. It’s a much easier interface to control jack with.)

The problem with size is due to the default font size is too big. (I had the same problem) Go to the preferences window and there is a tab that lets you scale down the fonts, which in turn allows for smaller windows.