Two new tracks, rock and blues sounds


I have two new tracks, songs I’ve wrote and produced with Ardour.

"Logo Mais" is a straight pop/rock tune, reminds me the eighties a little bit. I think of it as a “road song”. The drums are super simple, and made with General MIDI. I’ve also used amsynth in a part.

"On The Road Again" is an old blues version which I adapted the original lyrics in a new melody and harmony. Again, super simple percussion. Kind of low-fi arrangement.


Hi @pdechery!

I commented on “On the Road Again” at the LM’s forum, as I said there a great reworking and fresh arrangement of a very singular tune in it’s original form!

You’re a good writer with interesting chord voicings and progressions! Logo Mais has a strong hummable melody that gets in your brain! Good vocals too! The fact that it sounds ‘80’s’ make the drum machine-y beat not very noticeable in a good way and just a part of the sound like the jangly chorused guitar… Great stuff!

Wow @pdechery you are quite prolific! I enjoyed the tunes - good playing and vocals. What did you use for your General MIDI drums?

Hi GMaq,

Yeah, I’ve read your comment on the forum, thanks a lot for the feedback!

The fact that it sounds ‘80’s’ make the drum machine-y beat not very noticeable

Totally true, I can remember a bunch of hits from that time that used drum machine beats like this one :grinning: :drum:

I’m a big fan of jingle-jangle guitar players, as well as blues players. Kinda mix them both together here.

Hi Jdfight,

I’m glad you like it!

I’m doing an album project and I have a list of songs to record. Sometimes I remember an old song I did and I want to record it too. It seems like this will never end :slight_smile:

Until now I’m using the “Standard Drums” instrument in the General MIDI plugin. It’s not bad at all, even if compared to the kits in Hydrogen.

I got a suggestion on the LM forum to check this plugin. So next project I’ll be trying that one.