Two new songs


I've posted two new songs on my site at Both are rough mixes made for my band. Maybe I'll clean 'em up someday, maybe not. Meanwhile, here ya go:

Lyrics at

Ridiculous music for adults only. You have been warned. And of course it's all done with Ardour.



i just love those
did you use soundfont or giga with linuxsampler ?

ok, ok, I should read more carefully :slight_smile:



These are great, speaking both as a ‘tard’ and a part-time drummer…any chance we get to hear a live recording of these (if the drummer doesn’t quit the band)…?

Dave, your writing and performance are absolutely ready for a band to perform live, congratulations. As a producer and engineer I love working with artists like you who make everything easy. Nice songs. At this point in my life the levity is appreciated.
Ron Parker