two new old pieces


I’ve added two more pieces to my Music Made With Ardour page. First up, a song by Mose Allison:

Next, a very old original recently rerecorded:

Enjoy. Comments welcome, as always.




Geez, I almost missed these latest additions!

I Don’t Worry About a Thing:

Snazzy and Jazzy, You were wise to put the vocal front and centre cause you’ve certainly got the pipes to pull it off, I also liked the prominent Ride Cymbal and how you pulled the Snare way back just like a Jazz drummer playing with brushes would sound. I do miss the other ingredient that a Jazz Kit has though and that is a relatively loud Kick Drum… I think it would blend with your Bass and make it swing a bit more. How 'bout a little scatting in unison with your guitar?

Carousel Ride:

Some nice textures there, care to share some of the different Synth sounds?

Again, as always very nice work. Well done!

Hey G, Thanks for the comments, cogent as usual. :slight_smile:

The Mose tune was a knock-off, and I agree about the kick drum. I was frustrated by the fact that none of the Beta Monkey samples included much work with the kick. I like everything else about the loops I used, but you’re right, they miss that punch from the bass drum.

I thought about the scatting too (obligatory reference here re: great minds and all that… :slight_smile: and I do plan to re-record the song soon. I’d like to keep it minimal again to leave room for one or more other instruments. I’m itching to get a keyboard or sax in there too. Maybe I’ll try a scatted track too.

Actually, I plan to record a bunch of Mose Allison tunes. My blues band currently plays four of his songs, they always go over well. He’s a great songwriter.

Carousel Ride is all hardware. The synths included a Roland MKS70, two Yamaha TX802s, an Ensonig Mirage, a Yamaha TX16W, and a Korg EX8000. There might also be a TX81Z in there somewhere too. Alas, they’re all gone now, sold for pennies on the dollar. I must say though that the only one I miss severely is the Roland MKS70, I haven’t yet found the software synth that matches it.

The sequencer used was Voyetra’s Sequencer Plus Gold. Carousel Ride was composed sometime in the early 90s, and I’m still using Sequencer Plus for my MIDI work. I’d surely like to replace it, hence my high hopes for Ardour3. :slight_smile: