Two Midi controllers ??

Sorry if this is a stupid quesstion.
But I would like to know if it’s possibile to have 2 midi controllers in Ardour?

Let me explain. I have an Akai MPK mini which dosn’t have enough knobs IMHO, but otherwise is great.
Was thinking of getting a Korg nano control, the one with the knobs and sliders.
I want to use the Akai for making music and the Korg for controlling the mixer/faders in Ardour.
Is this a possible set up??

@acidblue: sure. just connect them both to the same Ardour input port (probably the one labelled “control”) and the right thing will happen … as long as the messages sent by each physical control on each device are unique.

That’s kinda what I thought but wanted to be sure before I bought the korg.