Two machines, same versions, different appearance of plugins

On my old Linux DAW, I have the Calf plugins in Ardour using an interface that has knobs and graphs and appear as “Calf (plugin)”. On my new DAW, with pretty much the same configuration and versions, the same plugins are listed as “Calf (plugin) LADSPA” and only have curses bars and sliders.

I don’t know if this is Ardour-related, but Ardour is where I use these plugins, and I’m hoping someone will know what I missed in compiling either Ardour or the plugins, because I find those knobs and graphs very useful.

It sounds like you have a version of Ardour with LV2 support on your new machine. Make sure you compile a recent version with LV2 support and I suspect this will fix your problem.


@seablade: Did you mean “It sounds like you have a version of Ardour without LV2 support”? instead of “It sounds like you have a version of Ardour with LV2 support”

@Audiodef: If Ardour hasn’t been built with LV2 support, the calf plugins will normally show up as LADSPA (the predecessor to LV2 which only had a host-created GUI hence the basic sliders) - to enable the GUI you need LV2 support compiled into ardour (see the instructions on building ardour from source, or depending upon your linux distro, download a precompiled version - e.g. the latest ubuntu builds have LV2 compiled in)

@linuxdsp Yep, you expect me to read what I type now? :wink:


Just did a recompile with scons VST=1 SLV2=1, no luck. Checking out a couple of other things. Do I need commas or anything in between compile options?

EDIT: Fixed it!

I modified an ebuild for the Gentoo pro-audio overlay. I don’t know why it wasn’t picking up LV2, but for some reason the existing 2.8.11 ebuild (2.9999) compiled THIS time whereas it had failed for me previously.

Not going to bug Paul about it - I know and understand his frustration with Gentoo. Thanks, guys - I appreciate your help.

glad its working. I might be wrong, but I think that the SLV2 option in the build instructions might be a typo and should in fact be LV2 which might be the reason the build failed to bring in LV2 support (assuming the correct libraries were also installed)

I did a build a few days ago, and ‘LV2=1’ was definitely the correct way to go about it.

Actually strangely, both ways work…?