Two instances of USB midi controller in menus

I am currently using a LaunchKey 49 mk3.

I have wondered why I see two instances of my midi keyboard controller in the Routing Grid, Midi Port Config, and Control Surfaces. One works and one does not; however, they are both the same name, and it’s a guessing game when setting things up. Why are two instances shown in Ardour? Same thing happened with my previous controller as well (presonus atom sq).

The launchkey has 2 MIDI ports. You’re using a version of ALSA that fails to pick different names for them both (other versions of ALSA do a better job, though it may not be “newer versions”).

Yet, Ardour’s ALSA backend (with ALSA Sequencer) should be able to distinguish the different ports.

Alas not, or at least not necessarily. There are some versions of ALSA that don’t do this right. I am not sure if it is a regression in newer versions or a fix compared to older versions.

Thanks for the information. It looks like I’m on alsa firmware 1.2, generally speaking. I suppose I could try different versions, but it is only a minor annoyance.

The version number seems unlikely. ALSA is nowhere near version 1.2. Not sure what the firmware is that you’d be referring to, other than firmware associated with the Novation device itself (which is of very little significance, at least not for this issue).

It is really annoying to me. I have no idea how this got broken - its just incredibly stupid to truncate the USB-provided port name down to some arbitrarily short version.