Two hard drives

I am surely missing something VERY obvious here :blush: Having rebuilt my Music PC with an SSD and the original 500gb HDD. I cant figure out how to create and store Ardour Sessions on the larger HDD . The 500 gb HDD is called MUSIC. I have configured it using Gnome Disks Thunar can see it OK and I can read and write files to it but I cannot see it in any of the Ardour File dialogs

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Hi Alastair,

Whereabouts under the root filesystem have you mounted your 500G drive? If for instance it’s mounted at /mnt/MUSIC then perhaps create a symlink under your home directory to it so that it shows up more obviously in Ardour dialogs. If you’re comfortable in the terminal then something like

cd ~ ; ln -sf /mnt/MUSIC

should do the trick but obviously use the actual path to where you’ve mounted it. You can instead create symlinks in Thunar if you’d rather.



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In Ardour, Edit > Preferences > General > Session Management > Default folder for new sessions

Set that, and this is where Ardour will put your sessions by default.

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Although this does not answer your question, I think you may get better performance if you keep your current working session in the SSD and then move it to the HD when you’re done. (You should still be able to work on the from the HD later, of course.)


Thank you all for your kind assistance .Paul Davis was correct . My confusion was caused by the fact that the drive is installed in a hot pluggable SATA connector and is in fact mounted at :

laburnumMusic:/media/alastair/LABURNUM MUSIC$

Which of course makes sense .

Thank you again for your kind assistance


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