Two Hard Drive Install Question

Hi, I am sure this has been covered before.

I read that it is best to set your workstation up with 2 hard drives.hda os and hdb data.

And in my thinking this helps with the recording while running ardour correct?

When I install ardour from synaptic it installs to hda. What do I move to hdb to take advantage of ardour the “Hard Drive Recorder”?


All you need to do is make sure you’re recording audio onto and playing audio back from the data drive. Ardour can stay on the same drive as the OS.

You can just put your /home directory onto hdb, especially if you’re only going to use your computer for audio. Otherwise you can mount hdb as /media/audio (or /media/data or anything else, for that matter!) and record onto that.

Does Ardour have a “Render/Media Drive” setting so to speak?

Honestly, I’m not trying to insite a riot here…but I see these posts on hard drives all the time, and I’m wondering why the data needs to be on a seperate drive??? I have been recording audio for a long time, granted my biggest project was a live project with roughly 29 tracks, but was full of edits, fades, fx, etc…and it was all on the same drive, with my drive meter barely even registering…this was back in 2002, with an IDE drive…is there another reason besides speed, because I think with todays technology, that is not an issue…???

Thanks muzicman0 for the response. I have seen a couple of your other posts and found them to be rather insightful. I wish you could of used some of your insight to answer my newbie question or at least had something to add that would be considered relevant to the post. This will be my 8th post in the forum so still a babe in the woods here so to speak. I have not been recording a “looong time” so anything I read here is not beneath me or irrelevant. I understand you are “wondering why the data needs to be on a separate drive???”

So do you have any insight on how to get it on the separate drive?

Or if ardour has a setting for this?


Tgoose gave you the answer.
[Edited]: You need that hdb in /etc/fstab has the desired mount point, this is, your “recording directory” (/media/audio for example), or just /home as he or she says. Then mount /dev/hdb.
Then you can have your ardour projects (not the program itself) on hdb just by opening sessions in said directory.
Another approach is to have a different system in hdb so you can have a dual boot, having, for example, a “Linux for general purposes” and another “Linux for audio work”. A separate partition for /home is recommended in any case.
Ardour (every application for this matter) needs an OS to be installed, it can’t be installed on its own.
I hope this shed some light


Thanks Pablo, I am new to linux and ardour and so its helpful at times to the hear the same thing twice:)

Appreciate you patience.

Welcome. enjoy ardour! -|:-D

In my short experience I agree with Muzicman though. I have a separate partition for /home and that’s all.

I think, assuming you already have the second drive mounted, just create your project on the second drive (at the initial screen when you start ardour), and it will write the audio files to this directory.