I don’t know much about music creation - my thing is GNU/Linux installation and support. The more I help to convert people to GNU/Linux, the more I run into people who want to use things like ProTools. Of course I did some searching and found Ardour. Unfortunately, these folks are set in there ways, and I don’t know enough about music creation to teach them. Something like UbuntuClips, YouTube, or perhaps many others could be used to show video clips of how to perform some basic tasks. My guess is that the more people can see how to perform certain tasks, the more people will get involved with Ardour.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Is there some kind of software that will ‘record’ what is happening on your computer screen. Not just screen shots but motion video. I supposed using a video recorder would work too, but probably would be as clean looking as a direct grab from your monitor. Excellent idea.

You can use Xvidcap for this : http://xvidcap.sourceforge.net/

It would be great to have such instructional videos!

I had an idea the other day that might be good for a tutorial.

Ardour saves the undo stack with the song.

So, if you recorded a whole song, and gave it to someone with the undo intact, they could undo all the recording and editing right back to the first track being laid down.

They could then redo and watch every single edit made, and listen back whenever they liked to the song in it’s various stages of completion.

There are probably big flaws in this, (as I’ve only just briefly tried it), but it would be neat if the undo could be used like this.

Istanbul would be another way to make video tutorials.