Turning off the Automatic Connections on Startup

When running Ardour by itself, its ability to automatically re-create all it’s session connections is an absolute boon. However, from the context of an external session (using Ladish), the Ardour-generated connections quickly get undone when the session manager then attempts to make the connections (the session manager seems to “toggle” connections, meaning if they are already made, they get unmade).

Is there a way to turn off the session-auto-connect on Ardour startup to prevent this situation?

@reteo: there is no mechanism for this in Ardour at this time. Ardour supports the JACK Session protocol, which is not the same as the system ladish has developed.

That’s disappointing. Is there a chance of this being implemented?

Still, if it supports the Jack session protocol, then it is possible I can set Ardour with said session protocol in the latest versions of gladish that can allow it to cooperate with the rest of the session… I’ll have to try that.

Thanks for the quick answer!

It seems that I have found a way to turn this feature off… albeit in a roundabout way.

One of the “JACK engine parameters” in the laditools Jack setup is “self-connect-mode.” This can be set so that JACK will ignore all self-connection attempts, pretty much preventing the auto-connections from happening and allowing Ladish to have full control over what connects where.