Turn a mono track into stereo

Hi friends,

I couldn’t find an answer to this… I recorded a mono track (vocals) and found that my linuxDSP plugin (the reverb thing) needs stereo to process.

Short question… does somebody know how to change a mono recording AFTERWARDS to stereo ? Or maybe theres a more intelligent way to apply a stereo plugin ?

(Anyway, if there is no simple solution, I will just re-record my tracks… that won’t kill me… I hope )

:-)) BTW… happy new year everybody ! My project “Z-World” continues… having now six tracks “on-board” :slight_smile: another six are waiting… Ardour, AVLinux and linuxDSP really ROCK !!!


there is a ‘mono to stereo splitter’ plugin by frank neumann. you could add it before the reverb, that should work.


  1. Create a stereo bus.

  2. Insert a send into the mono track mixer strip and send it to the stereo bus.

  3. Add the reverb plugin to the bus.

When you set it up this way you can also send other tracks into the bus to use the same reverb. You will probably want to set the plugin to only play the wet signal so that you can keep the original mono track playing still and adjust both levels separately.

Hope that helps.

Great, thanks for your answers, friends !

The idea of plingativator is EXACTLY what I need, thats perfect for me ! Thank you, pal.