how can i enter or quantize notes to more complex tuplets like e.g 37 notes over the time of 3 quarter notes?

thanks, fritz

there may be a better way, but I’ve set up complex meters with tempo changes to accommodate such things.
e.g. add a measure of 1/1 time to fill the gap, then a measure of 37/37 and change the tempo to be 37/3 times the current for just that measure.

thanks for the suggestion. i also thought about that. the problem is, that i’d like to combine the aforementioned with a simple 4/4 beat…

would maybe an appropriate lua script do the job?

really this is just math (but it takes some deep thinking to make it work). If you just divide it up to the lowest common denominator then you can theoretically allow any sort of tuplet with any sort of regular beat too. A script could calculate what the new meter and tempo should be but you may still have to configure it manually. Maybe.

Perhaps a lua script would be better to do a tuplet quantize over the selection or something. This way you don’t have to change the meter and tempo. I’m not really savvy in the lua scripting yet so I can’t offer much.

found a solution by using the stretch mode tool, at least for entering ‘crazy’ tuplets.

example: 37 over 3 quarter notes

  1. create new region
  2. enter 38 notes on a 64 grid (first note starts where the region starts)
  3. stretch region with the stretch mode tool, so that the 38th note will be on the very beginning of the 4th quarter note (the one after the 3 quarter notes the tuplet will occupie)…

=> 37 notes spread evenly over 3 quarter notes

of course, shrinking e.g. 37 notes on a 32 grid would work also.

hope i was able to explain it :slight_smile: