Tuplet Quantisation

I would like to share a quantisation technique I have found useful whilst the swing function is broken.
By choosing tuplet grid values, it is possible to get lazy, medium and standard swing.
Starting with a bar of notes in a straight 8ths pattern.

For a standard triplet swing, change the grid value to 1/3 (8th triplet). Now quantise. The result is perfect 67% swing.

If you want a medium swing feel (60%) set the grid to 1/5 (8th quintuplet)

For a lazy swing (56-7%), set the grid to 1/7 (8th septuplet)

This one seems to vary a bit through the bar but still is useful for the lazy swing feel
Hoping this is useful to users for getting various grooves :grinning:

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Another approach to creating different swing feels is to start with for instance, triplet eighths and then apply a straight eighth quantisation at different strengths, eg 50 percent will produce a medium 58 percent swing and so on.

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