Tuning advice for "disk.. not able to keep up"

Hi, running 6.5 binaries from the website on Ubuntu 20.04. Often when I do a “Choose top region” (while looping) or resizing a loop region (while it’s playing), I’ll get the dreaded “The disk system on your computer was not able to keep up with Ardour. Specifically, it failed to read data from disk quickly enough to keep up with playback.”

I’m using an SSD, which I tested with the smartctl tools, and it looks ok. I’ve got 12G of memory free to load up, according to htop. Any of the buffering tuning options recommended to reduce these messages? And sometimes, at least in the “choose top region” scenario, the audio will get out of sync. Re-hitting the “play loop range” button will restart the loop, all synced back up.


For my understandment … why do you do these task within playback? Is there a reason not to stop - do the task - play?

Well, for the “choose top region” scenario, it just seems that it was intuitively designed to work that way. It’s the equivalent of soloing one of a collection of tracks, and then another.

For resizing a loop, I suppose I could stop, resize, play, rinse, repeat, but I’m selfish! When you hit the “play loop range” button, it always starts from the beginning of the loop. There is no fast-forwarding or manually moving the cursor/playhead in this mode, so I’m kinda trying to save a little time. And I suppose I could learn the keyboard shortcuts, but, I haven’t gotten that far yet. I think between the products that I use, the main transport commands are not unified, so I haven’t bothered to memorize any yet, nor learned by osmosis. Maybe I’ll get there someday. Enough of the Jungian deep-dive.


Thanks for sharing. I stumbled upon “can’t keep up” on big heavy processed projects a few times so i “knew” (guessed) where it came from and never saw it as big issue. I personally don’t work much with “choose top region” so i never felt the need you describe so i was just curious.

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