Tunes made with Ardour


I just want to present my tracks:
All of them are made with Ardour 3 Beta 5. I mainly use Ardour as a MIDI sequencer. Feel free to comment…


Whoa! I’m really liking your chill DnB style. I’m listening to your downloadable tracks right now (unfortunately my flash player stopped working). Is everything i hear from linux audio software? This is awesome to hear. I also make jungle-inspired music using strictly linux software these days (years before i’ve used some proprietary synths on windows7).

You’ve got some really impressive percussions as well as synth sounds. Which software do you use? I mostly stick to zynaddsubfx/yoshimi and phasex for synths, but i’m now playing around with some of the newer LV2 synths. Do you use hydrogen for sequencing your percs?

I’m happy to discover you and i can’t wait to hear your newer tracks once i get my flash plugin fixed.

Aaaahhhaha!!! Saturn-Dub or “Bin”…that is one great track. I love it when electronic producers create good tracks that don’t have any percs.

Just want to echo Smeefer’s enthusiasm for your work. Impressive stuff, please let us know when you make more. :slight_smile:



Thanks! All tracks are made with Linux. All sounds (except for some percussion sounds) are made with ZynAddSubFX, Ardour 3 is the MIDI sequencer, and the percussion samples are played via LinuxSampler (with some Calf-plugins on them). I think I’m gonna extend my equipment with an analogue synth, the MFB Dominion X. It really sounds cool (listen to it at the end of the page ).

Happy New Year and Thanks again!

@Smeefer: The correct title of the track is “Bin”, Rhythmbox messed up the ID3 tags a little bit…