Tuner for midi

Is it possible using tuner for midi?
I am using The French Harpsichord library via Linuxsampler and I can not determine notes height. This tool is written in some no standard tuning.

I’m not sure I understand, but you could set the pitchwheel up or down to add a constant pitch offset. The proper approach is probably to edit the samples. That’s a lot more work though.

If you want to check the pitch of the samples you could route the output of the channel to a tuner such as Lingot.
If you haven’t done routing before, Patcher is a great visual representation of the routing that is going on with your JACK system. Otherwise Qjackctl also has the “Connect” dialog which you can use (NOT the Patchbay dialog, temporary patches are easier via the connections dialog)

Thanks a lot Christophski!
Now I have determined that one Harpsichord instead of С makes a sound B and another Harpsichord instead of C makes a sound A#.

Not very convenient for arrangements. Although all cool.
Lingot is a cool and usefull programm!
I would like a similar program as part of Ardour.

The system of these harpsichords is intended for heavy music))))!!!
Drop D tuning and Drop Eb tuning like in Heavy Metal!!!
Tony Iommi just used a system of harpsichords!

khomkovm: Sorry I did misunderstand, but have a look at https://github.com/x42/tuna.lv2

I keep that one in the favorites. Great tuner.