Tuhosieni - Demo 1

Hi, here is the first demo of Tuhosieni:

http://www.kolumbus.fi/sysimetsa/tuhosieni (our incredible and official web page… :wink:

Drums were recorded at a studio with ProTools, but all the rest was done at home / rehearsal room with Ardour.

I listened to Sumu twice, and both times I thought the vocals should be further forward in the mix. Even if I understood Finnish I’d still wonder what was being sung. :slight_smile: Otherwise, excellent work. The rest of the mix is very nicely done, good balances throughout.

Thanks Dave, maybe you are right. It’s tricky to mix one’s own vocals. There is the rest of the band playing well, and i get the feeling that if i take vocals too front i somehow hijack the whole song.

I have to second Dave, the vocals are far behind and the echo does not help. On the other hand I do like the guitar sound a lot, but the left channel guitar sounds slightly clipped on ulos häkeistä? And then my classic complaint, where is the bass drum on ulos häkeistä? Once a drummer, always a drummer…

Thanks for your feedback! Nice to get some, it’s not too common.

After a longer break, Tuhosieni is indeed back in rehearsal room with a bunch of new songs and ideas. Maybe also a keyboardist will join us, let’s see. Anyway, we hope to get some new stuff recorded quite soon.

I really like Sumu. I disagree with the others who want the vocals more forward. They work nicely as an instrument in the mix, and seem perfectly in line with the dark post-punk idiom the song is written in.

I hope you record more songs. If you were to release an album of the quality of Sumu, I’d buy it.

I find the vocal fit nicely. They sit nicely in the mix.