"Tu Me Manques"

A song recorded one and a half year ago.
I have tried to clear up the mix , cannot get rid of some " timing issues"
But I think I have taken what was possible from it…
I did not want to add other recording into it…
The game was to see what I could get out of it.
Recorded with Ardour and mixed with Mixbus.


(Links to Soundcloud and to Bandcamp ! Bandcamp seems a little bit smoother , let me know if you have time to spend.)

Thanks for listening.



Nice recording, sound is a little ‘dark’ but I suppose intentional ? I enjoyed listening to it :wink:

I didn’t notice a difference in Soundcloud / Bandcamp btw. Both worked fine.

Kind regards,

Hi Bart,

Thanks a lot for your post and taking time to leave a feed-back concerning Bandcamp.

I agree,the song has something “dark”.

Kind regards.