i accidentally posted this in reply to an old story thinking it was a forum post, so i’ll repost here so it is visible (regarding the zazzle store’s ardour shirt):

sorry to dig up an old thread, but do any of the proceeds of this shirt go to paul and co? if so i will definitely order one from there. if not, then my father actually runs a small printing company and i’ll get him to make me one so i can wear the logo with pride without having to order from overseas (i’m in australia). plus, i’m thinking of making it on a normal shirt rather than a tshirt, might look shmick :slight_smile:


ps. if the proceeds don’t already go to the ardour devs, then maybe i can convince him to do some up for sale (providing no one has an issue with it obviously) and offer my ’finders commission’ up as a donation to the ardour project.

paul (thats me!) gets all the proceeds. its not a lot, but every little bit counts. again, if every user bought a t-shirt, i’d be in a much more secure financial position than i am right now.

looks like i’ll get one from there then. gotta look after the pauls of the world :wink: