Tschüss Berlin!

Today is my last day in Berlin. Tomorrow, I board a morning flight back to a sinking economy, a broken dishwasher, and plumbing tasks, but also the rest of my family (who returned to the USA before me). My time as the Edgar Varese Guest Professor at the TU Berlin has been great. The city is wonderful, and I will miss it very much. It is also a hot bed of audio software development, including such powerhouses as Abelton, Native Instruments and Torben Hohn (hi Torben!). My family had a really wonderful experience here too - my daughters had their eyes opened to both the pros and cons and life on the other side of the Atlantic. I’d like to thank Folkmar Hein, Wilm Thoben, Ecki Güther and Florian Goltz for excellent company in (and occasionally out of) the TU Studio, the DAAD for making my visit to Berlin possible, and the students who attended my 2 classes.

Congratulations, Paul!
I’m looking forward to more great things from you and the rest of the team!


Iḿ happy that you liked berlin although itś quite bad weather for sight seeing… unfortunately stayed in bed with a flue and couldnt go to TU when you were there, but next time for sure! Greetings from Berlin!

Greetings from Berlin!