Trying to MIDNAM my old Roland JV-880

I’d like to find a MIDNAM for my old Roland JV-880. That’s not really self-evident since banks A B and C are determined by add-on cards, but at least I could have easier patch setting for the I (nternal) bank, and easy to alter XML for various cards.

I know some such a file exists, but it’s part of another, proprietary DAW solution that I don’t want to download an illegal copy of.

Is there an open library of MIDNAM files somewhere, or a free JV-880 MIDNAM?

I’m asking before I spend time on creating one… if I do create one, which is a good place to share it? Here?


Ardour has the largest collection of MIDNAM files around. We collected together as many as we could find and put them all together in one place. If you have an additional MIDNAM file, it doesn’t matter where it came from. You can add it your own installation and/or we can add it to the release. If you have to create it, file a report at and attach the file. Alternatively, just mail it to me at

I’d be very interested in trying to create a few midnam files myself if they do not already exist. I own and have manuals for the Roland JV80 (same patches as JV880), SC55, SC88Pro and M-GS64 (a rack mount version of the SC88 standard). I have a few Roland midnam files, including the JV-880 and SC-88 if needed.

We don’t offer any tools for the creation or editing of MIDNAM files. They are just text files in XML format, so any text editor can be used. There might be some obscure tool for this on Windows (just a guess), but the format is not popular and very few devices come with MIDNAM files, so it isn’t exacty a format with a clear need for tools etc.

Yes, there is a free Windows XML editor called FOXE (First Object XML Edfitor) which is helpful for MIDNAM editing. Sort of messy to try to use a text editor.